R2 Recycling: Removing electronic plastics, improving the environment

Anyone who follows matters pertaining to the environment will tell you that plastic is one of the worst pollutants on our planet, which is an unfortunate by-product of society’s reliance on it for items too numerous to mention. In particular, with the use of plastic as a part of electronic devices (known to the industry as e-plastics), this has become a more pressing concern over the last decade or so with the advent of smartphones, tablets, laptops, flat screen monitors & TVs, etc. With a larger quantity of these items coming to their end-of-life than ever, finding solutions to recycle them & reuse their parts is not just vital — it is essential.

When you get into the numbers, the figures can be even more staggering: the world total for e-plastics alone comes in at an estimated 20% of the overall total of 50 million tons per year, and even more so when you consider that the United States is responsible for roughly one-sixth of that total. R2 Recycling, which works with a nationwide network of recyclers that follow the R2 standard, is addressing this problem head-on, providing an accessible, affordable option that prevents these harmful materials from ultimately affecting crop growth & public water sources as well as our wildlife population.

An encouraging sign to anyone concerned with what the future holds for our planet should take comfort in the knowledge that we are making strides toward increasing recycling & improving the process. R2 Recycling is an early adopter of new advancements that achieve the goal of a more streamlined, effective, low impact recycling process. They do not take the trust that their loyal customers have put in them lightly, and make it a point to incorporate the most innovative data destruction techniques while implementing practices that will allow them to separate more metal & plastic for future use in all manner of electronic devices. “We achieved longevity in this industry by refusing to take shortcuts.”, said R2 Recycling’s spokesperson. “When it comes to what we do, our goal is to be the best, and we will not settle for less.”.

Times are changing, and with them, so is technology. Blink, and suddenly there’s new models of laptops or smartphones competing for a piece of the pie. In addition, over the span of three decades, we’ve gone from cellular devices the size of briefcases & bricks to those that can fit in a shirt pocket. With a growing population & a public clamoring for devices to stay connected with the world around them, the need for recycling & reusing pre-existing materials is greater than ever. When you want the job done right along with the most eco-conscious approach to recycling, trust the name with over two decades of experience backed by a nationwide network of R2 certified partners: R2 Recycling.

Headquartered in New Jersey, R2 Recycling works with a nationwide network of recyclers that follow the R2 standard & serve the entire contiguous United States. For more information about their services, they can be reached online to request a quote.

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