R2 Recycling Explains: Using E-Waste Management to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With the effects of global warming starting to creep into our everyday lives, tech users should be conscious of how their carbon footprint is impacting the planet. A shocking statistic from the UN states that only 12.5 percent of e-waste is recycled across the world, which makes it all the more important for tech users to understand how to properly recycle their electronics

Well known recycling firm, R2 Recycling, walks us through how e-product consumers can lower their carbon footprint by optimal e-waste management.

Why Should I Recycle my E-Products?

According to that UN statistic, the majority of people are simply throwing out their electronics without thinking about the valuable materials they are built out of. Most electronics contain traces of silver, copper, and even gold that can be recycled to make something new instead of using valuable fossil fuels to mine brand new metals.

Furthermore, the plastic that houses the software and hardware can carry a serious carbon impact because they require an extensive amount of energy in the form of fossil fuels to create.

What Can Be Recycled?

Almost all electronics can be recycled so long as they have a battery. This includes items like tablets, mobile phones, and computers. From these, e-waste recyclers will be able to extract materials like glass, plastics, iron, to more expensive elements like gold and copper. This saves our earth and reduces our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of mining done to dig up these natural resources and reducing the amount of fossil fuels used to refine them.

Although each electronic contains only a small amount of each element, the recycling process carefully preserves them so that they can be used effectively later on. Some have even criticized recycling because of its own environmental impact, but R2 Recycling states that this cost is outweighed by the energy and resources saved by not starting from scratch.

Where can I find a Recycling Program

To really reduce your carbon footprint you will want to ensure that you are recycling your goods with a credible e-waste company. Two things to really look out for are where the materials are being sent after extraction and how much of what they are pulling out is actually going to recycling centers. With careful consideration, you can ensure that parts of your electronics will get a new life somewhere else.

Reducing Your Footprint

Recycling your electronics is a fantastic way to begin your journey to a smaller environmental impact. By not throwing valuable metals and materials away, you are reducing the amount of fossil fuels and detrimental mining happening globally. R2 Recycling explains that proper education of what can be recycled will really lessen the amount of items that are dumped into landfills and boost the amount of products made of recyclable goods.

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