R2 Recycling Discusses Why Laptop Recycling Is More Important Than Ever

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4 min readDec 3, 2021

Rare earth & precious metals are vital components to computing devices. For years we’ve been mining, extracting these metals from the earth to satiate the public’s need for new technology.

R2 Recycling Discusses Laptop Recycling

With all the environmental difficulties in the world today along with the knowledge that we have a seemingly endless supply of metals from obsolete electronics, it should be clear that there is a better way and it’s imperative that we use it. Why excavate & explore for new resources when you can repurpose the ones you already have? Not only is it far more cost effective, it substantially scales back the amount of pollution & emissions that are produced from mining work.

We sat down with the spokesperson of R2 Recycling, and along the way, we were provided some general information that can act as an introduction to laptop recycling for anyone who has never engaged in the practice before.

Preparing To Recycle Your Laptop

1.Backing Up

Whether it’s through the use of cloud service or using & external hard disk, backup of your laptop as a means of information retention is vital. With numerous options available along with reduced costs, it’s very easy to find an HDD or SDD drive (with storage in the terabytes) that can help you achieve this).

2. Disconnect Your Accessories

You may have use for your speakers, webcam, and other peripherals that are connected to your device. But if you do not have a use for these items, keep in mind that R2 Recycling is available to handle all of your electronic waste recycling needs, and accepts these items as well.

3. Choose your recycler wisely — get it right the first time

Recycling your devices is not a decision that you should come to lightly. Since modern desktops, laptops & smartphones are capable of storing so much data, you need to be absolutely certain that once they leave your hands, your data will be destroyed responsibly.

When you choose R2 Recycling, you’re choosing a recycler that has operated for as long as the Internet has been a fixture of our daily lives. They understand how devices can be repurposed and adopt the most current advancements in data destruction, thus ensuring your personal security while making sure scrap parts can be used to assemble the devices of the future.

R2 Recycling’s spokesperson shared: “The importance of selecting an experienced recycler cannot be understated. Taking your laptop to a landfill or place that doesn’t know what they’re doing can be hazardous to the environment & public health. And furthermore, you leave your vital data susceptible to hacking by potential scavengers that will do with it what they wish.”

Your Laptop & Where It Can Be Recycled

You can’t go wrong in having your laptop picked up by a reputable recycler with over two decades of experience like R2 Recycling. Their state-of-the-art facility allows for proper data destruction along with the techniques needed to repurpose all of the scrap components of the laptop to be used in the manufacturing of another laptop. Whatever your needs are, R2 Recycling offers a service that will be convenient & accessible to you. More can be found about the services that they provide on their website.

Why Should You Recycle Your Laptop

If you are concerned with good stewardship of the environment, you should be concerned with the alternative to bringing your laptop to an authorized recycling facility. Leaving it in the standard waste stream to ultimately end up in a landfill is not only potentially harmful — it’s illegal in many states and can lead to severe fines in many instances.

State governments across the country have enacted legislation mandating proper recycling of laptops & other devices of the substantial environmental harm that they can cause if thrown into the household trash along with the dangers they pose if left to decompose in outdoor conditions. Laptops & other electronics are known to contain chromium, lead, manganese, and known flame retardants that can adversely affect the central nervous system of all life forms if the contents are ingested in some way. In addition, studies have been shown that these toxins can impact the cognitive & physical development of a child in the fetal stage, leading to potential birth defects & chronic health conditions.

In Summary

One of the most responsible things that you can do is have your obsolete laptops & electronics recycled by an authorized, experienced facility like R2 Recycling. You can rest easy knowing that the HIPAA compliant recycler uses a US Department of Defense standard wipe to delete all data on every hard drive they take in, or physically shred them if deletion of data cannot be verified. Furthermore, you can feel good knowing that you did your part to limit the need for mining companies to excavate to search for new resources to construct the electronics of tomorrow: reusing the resources that we already have will lead to a brighter future for generations to come. Join R2 Recycling and be a part of that brighter future: find out how by visiting them online.



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