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3 min readApr 4, 2021


Take a look around your home and you will find that you have more electronic devices than ever before. There’s no doubt that from your morning coffee to the podcast you listen to on your smartphone when going to bed, technology has made things in your life possible that did not exist even 20 years ago. However, when you have more electric-powered items in your household, that means inevitably you’re going to have more material that needs to be disposed of when they reach their end of life. So what should you do once that coffee maker or phone stops working or is replaced by a newer model? R2 Recycling offers guidance on how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to disposing of your electronic waste.

Don’t simply throw your data in with household garbage

When it comes especially to computer devices that we’ve left in an attic or basement for at least a few years, we may forget that we have data stored on it when it comes time to move it out. If you are looking to ensure your data never ends up in the hands of bad actors, go with the solution trusted by business & medical professionals for over 20 years: R2 Recycling, who works with a nationwide network of R2 certified partners, adheres to DOD standards when it comes to data destruction.

Where does your equipment go when it leaves your home or business?

This is another thing that we have the tendency to neglect with items that have taken up space for a lengthy period of time. Much of the time, we get rid of our material without thinking about where it will end up: in a landfill, overseas, and so on. It’s always good to look into a company’s reputation when it comes to handling of your old equipment, and you can count on R2 Recycling and its partners to ensure that everything is recycled properly, in accordance with all state & federal regulations, and nothing will end up in a place where it can decompose & potentially contaminate the soil & water sources that we all depend on.

When in doubt, it’s always wise to use a trusted professional

There’s a lot of people who don’t quite understand electronics recycling and the reasons why it’s so vital for things to be handled properly. Individuals & businesses may attempt to come up with their own way of disposing of items, but when you lack the expertise that goes into the process, you risk exposing the earth and yourself to many potentially toxic metals such as mercury, manganese & palladium. Furthermore, you risk serious fines for improper disposal of electronics if you run a business, not to mention damage to your reputation that could prove even more costly. Using a recycler that partners with a nationwide network of companies that follow the R2 standard, like R2 Recycling, ensures that you are doing your part to reduce damage to the world around us through proper recycling & eventual reuse of materials.

R2 Recycling: There To Handle Your E-Waste Needs, Wherever You Are

Whether you need a container, live load collection, or are looking to hold an event, R2 Recycling is your reliable, prompt and dependable e-waste solution.



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