Electronics Recycling Leader R2 Recycling Highlights the Pillars of Responsible Recycling Standards

When it comes to computer recycling, not all e-waste management companies are created equally. Some are professional and capable, while others are amateur and ill-equipped. Fortunately, there is a simple and reliable way for businesses, towns, schools, government agencies, and all other organizations to ensure that they choose an e-waste management recycler that is worthy of their trust: Responsible Recycling Standards.

Electronics Recycling Leader R2 Recycling

Ensuring Responsible Recycling Standards

“The problem of e-waste is not just about clogging landfills with mountains of old monitors, computers, photocopiers, fax machines, printers, and so on,” commented a spokesperson from R2 Recycling, a premier computer and electronics recycler. “E-waste can contain substances such as lead, cadmium, phosphorus and mercury, which seep into the earth and pollute the groundwater system. Organizations, such as our clients, who know that their e-waste will ultimately be handled in an R2 certified facility can be assured that they are part of the environmental solution — not the problem.”

In addition to protecting the planet, organizations that only partner with an R2-certified facility — or with a reputable e-waste management and computer recycler like R2 Recycling that works with R2-certified facilities — also achieve another critical important goal: robust data security.

“A growing number of electronic devices contain sensitive, confidential and proprietary information that will not disappear through various retail-level drive wiping tools, regardless of what these products claim in their marketing and advertising,”. A reputable and established computer recycler uses drive wiping technology that is certified by the Department of Defense. And in the event that a drive cannot be completely wiped — which can happen on occasion based on the particular hardware in question — the drive is physically destroyed and therefore put completely out of the reach of cyber criminals, industrial spies and other bad actors.”

Select What’s Best for Your Business

With respect to how organizations can liberate themselves of piles of e-waste, recyclers like R2 Recycling offer a variety of programs and services such as a drop-off container program, an electronics recycling pick-up service, electronics recycling collection events, and an electronics recycling drop off service.

“We speak to organizations daily about their e-waste and computer recycling needs, and the number one thing we hear from them is that they want to ensure that everything is done the right way,” commented a spokesperson from R2 Recycling. “That is precisely what we deliver with our tailored programs and services. Whether organizations want us to deploy a 40 or 50-yard container to be filled with everything from broken computer mice to old scanners, or if they want our team of experts to visit their location and safely decommission and remove all e-waste, we make the process simple, straightforward, stress-free, and successful. Indeed, the environmental challenges we face are complex, but being part of the e-waste and computer recycling solution is refreshingly easy.”

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