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There are a number of prevalent theories out there with regard to the concept of climate change. Many believe that it is man-made, while others attribute recent occurrences to a natural part of our planetary evolution.

Wherever you may stand on the matter, it is universally agreed upon that we can all make some minor adjustments in our daily lives to improve the world around us and make it a better place to live.

R2 Recycling was established over 20 years ago with the goal of improving our environment & increasing the accessibility of electronics recycling. To that end, they…

Take a look around your home and you will find that you have more electronic devices than ever before. There’s no doubt that from your morning coffee to the podcast you listen to on your smartphone when going to bed, technology has made things in your life possible that did not exist even 20 years ago. However, when you have more electric-powered items in your household, that means inevitably you’re going to have more material that needs to be disposed of when they reach their end of life. So what should you do once that coffee maker or phone stops…

Anyone who follows matters pertaining to the environment will tell you that plastic is one of the worst pollutants on our planet, which is an unfortunate by-product of society’s reliance on it for items too numerous to mention. In particular, with the use of plastic as a part of electronic devices (known to the industry as e-plastics), this has become a more pressing concern over the last decade or so with the advent of smartphones, tablets, laptops, flat screen monitors & TVs, etc. …

E-waste can be dangerous and cause pollution to enter the environment. It can also cause problems with worker health and safety. Finally, the risk of allowing company data to reside on old devices could lead to data theft and financial loss. For these reasons and many others, adhering to the R2 standard is important.

The R2 standard was created to provide electronics recyclers with a detailed plan to make sure that their facilities & practices are safe, environmentally-friendly, and effective. R2 Recycling works with a nationwide network of R2-certified recyclers that are fully committed to following this standard.

The standard…

While electronics recycling is good for the planet overall, the process can create dangerous environmental pollutants. The industry has created a protocol called the R2 Standard, laying out the proper procedures for recycling electronics and protecting both the environment and worker health and safety.

R2 Recycling uses R2 certified partners. These partners provide safe and effective disposal of potentially hazardous materials. Working according to the R2 Standard, their industry partners are able to efficiently take care of the byproducts of electronics recycling.

The R2 Standard

The R2 Standard was developed by SERI or Sustainable Electronics Recycling International. SERI is an organization focused on…

Controlling Your Proprietary Data When Discarding Computer or Electronic Devices. Leading Firm R2 Recycling Offers Best Practices and Recommendations.

Many people may believe that simply discarding a computer or electronic device is safe. However, when companies fail to make sure that their devices are being properly recycled, they may lose control of their proprietary data. This could lead to personnel problems, copyright problems, or even serious cases of identity theft based on the sensitivity of the data on the discarded machine. Today’s highly digital environment means that everyone needs to pay close attention to the newest methods in electronics recycling.

With the growing issue of electronic waste, many businesses are now implementing proper recycling protocols in an attempt to move towards sustainability.

While the ongoing pandemic has inevitably helped to mitigate our carbon footprint, e-waste continues to be a significant contributor to the global environmental crisis.

R2 Recycling, a premier electronics and computer and electronic recycler based out of Lakewood, NJ, has made it their mission to encourage businesses to adhere to standard recycling protocols when it comes to outdated or unused technology. Throughout this article are quotes from spokespeople at R2 Recycling. …

In the business landscape, there are plenty of best practices, marketplace-leading strategies, and recommended methodologies. However, there are scenarios where a particular practice is not merely advised, but rather essential — and according to nationwide electronics recycling leader R2 Recycling, one of the inviolable “musts” on this list is safe, secure, and sustainable computer recycling.

High Financial and Environmental Costs

“Businesses of all sizes are riddled with e-waste, ranging from dusty old monitors in the corner of a warehouse, to printers, photocopiers, fax machines, shredders, and other electronic devices and storage units that have long since reached their end-of-life, and at this point is nothing…

When it comes to computer recycling, not all e-waste management companies are created equally. Some are professional and capable, while others are amateur and ill-equipped. Fortunately, there is a simple and reliable way for businesses, towns, schools, government agencies, and all other organizations to ensure that they choose an e-waste management recycler that is worthy of their trust: Responsible Recycling Standards.

Electronics Recycling Leader R2 Recycling

Ensuring Responsible Recycling Standards

“The problem of e-waste is not just about clogging landfills with mountains of old monitors, computers, photocopiers, fax machines, printers, and so on,” commented a spokesperson from R2 Recycling, a premier computer and electronics recycler…

While it certainly did not start the work-from-home trend, the coronavirus pandemic has doubtlessly accelerated it. What’s more, a growing number of companies such as Twitter, Shopify, Square, Box, Slack and many others have signaled that many (and in some cases all) employees can permanently remain at home even after the crisis ends.

The good news is that millions of people no longer have to face a tedious commute, or spend thousands of dollars a year in public transportation costs. …

R2 Recycling

Nationwide Electronics Recycling Working with R2 Partners — Done the Right Way! Here to provide information on how to recycle e-waste properly.

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